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    Looking for premium tropical hardwood? Durable, sustainably harvested, visually stunning, and off ered in a variety of wood species, sizes, sections, and finishes? Check out our assortment of products and wood species.

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    Thermo-treated wood

    We offer an exclusive range of thermo-treated timber. Thermal treatment makes the wood stronger, boosts its longevity, and increases its resistance, elevating lesser-known wood types into a premium building material for applications like cladding.

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  • OPY0367


    Peeled veneer refers to thin layers of wood. A simple yet enchanting solution to make plywood or to give panels that much-appreciated natural, wooden look.

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  • OPY0404

    Tools & handles

    Vogel, originally a manufacturer of wooden handles, continues to provide a diverse range of handles in various designs, along with brush handles, finished brushes, and bristles.

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  • OPY0308

    Horse fences

    Looking for a secure horse fence for your pasture, paddock, or riding arena? Choose the wooden mortised post and rail fences from Vogel.

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