Wood is universally appreciated for its inherent qualities. Now imagine being able to enhance those qualities, and in the process, address some of its issues.

That’s precisely what thermal treatment does. It makes the wood stronger, boosts its longevity, and increases its resistance, elevating lesser-known wood types into a premium building material for applications like cladding.

Vogel Peru


  • Enhanced stability

    One of the inherent challenges of wood is its dynamic nature: it expands, shrinks, swells, and warps. By exposing wood to temperatures exceeding 200 °C, all moisture is removed from the wood and its structure is changed, making the wood more stable.

  • Increased longevity

    Besides stabilization, thermal treatment strengthens the wood and enhances its resistance against heat, mildew, and mould, thus ensuring an extended lifespan.

  • Promotes biodiversity

    Moreover, thermal treatment indirectly fosters biodiversity on Earth. How? It elevates lesser-known wood species as viable alternatives for popular wood species, thus reducing the risk of the latter being over-harvested.

  • South American hardwood: high-quality and exceptionally durable

    Our selection of thermo-treated wood species is sourced from South America. Consider visually striking tropical hardwoods, such as Açacu, renowned for their rich tones, strength, and longevity. Every piece of our thermo-treated wood is legally and sustainably processed by local companies. Vogel offers both FSC and non-FSC-certified thermo-treated wood.

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